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The afH story...

The more "in-depth" story about who I am and the origins of the company I love so much.

The afH story is about a california girl who ended up in the middle of tennessee

It’s not necessarily a photography story, it’s a story of career transition, uncovering my passion and taking many years to realize the plan that was set in place for me.

Fresh out of high school and armed with an arsenal of my mom's hand-me-down Nordstrom suits, fancy shoes and a flaming office supply obsession, I landed a part-time job in Corporate America as a secretary. In the years that followed, I covered many areas in the technology world: Programming, Internet Applications Developer, Data Analyst, DBA, Trainer, Hardware/Software Support and Designer. In 1999, “afH Information Technology Solutions” was birthed as I said goodbye to the corporate world and went into business for myself as an IT consultant.   

In 2003 after the birth of my daughter, I experienced a “creative awakening”. It started innocently enough with a few pairs of crazy scissors and adhesive tape from the craft store. The next thing I know, I’m attending scrap-booking groups until 3 in the morning and turning out elaborate homemade teacher gifts. My passion for photography (which was birthed during my high school years – thank you Ed Schaffroth) was reignited in this season. I took pictures of just about anything I could and challenged myself to bring creative flair to my images. I also channeled some of this creative energy into my technical projects, designing websites and graphics for my clients. In 2009 I decided it was time to officially trade in the “Information Technology Solutions” part of afH for “Capture+Design”. I haven’t looked back…I found joy in capturing the lives of my clients and the beauty of God’s creation.

Looking back over my career, I see a lot of transitions. These transitions have made me who I am today. I don't expect I'm done transitioning, but I can finally see a “settling” of my giftings & strengths. On my canvas, I see a wonderful blend of creative flair & technical savvy combined with a head for administration, accented by teaching & leading others. What hasn’t settled is my dedication to improve my character, learn from others & stay humble. For me, true humility is understanding my strengths AND weaknesses, & allowing God’s grace to enable me to accept myself where I’m at while pursuing improvement.

Most importantly, whether it’s my business or my personal life, I choose to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ, with the pillars of integrity, quality and devotion supporting everything I do.

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