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Helping commemorate family milestones through beautiful photographs...

Serving Murfreesboro and beyond with newborn, senior, and family portrait sessions, delivered in archival albums and wall art

This season of life will be over in the blink of an eye

What are you doing to preserve those special milestones? These memories are a treasure that should live beyond the uncertainty of the digital realm. I want to help you capture the moments you want to remember and guide you through preserving them for the generations to come.

afH believes in the legacy of the printed image

Years from now, digital storage, clouds, and social media platforms will evolve. Will your digital images evolve along with them?   The look and feel of heirloom albums, printed books, fine art canvas & wall art will always stand the test of time. They are treasures that can be passed down to the generations that follow. 

You are investing in capturing this season of life. afH is here to help you ensure that your memories are experienced through custom portraiture and heirloom products that you can share, display, and pass down to the next generation.   Most products include the corresponding high resolution digital image for you to store and share digitally.

Are you ready?